Monday, 1 October 2012

ITS HERE!!!!!!!!!

Finally today is 1st October which can only mean 1 thing.......

2012/2013 Catalogue Release Day!!!!!!!

Put down the iron, step away from the hoover...make a brew sit down put your feet up and click the link (on right) and while away the hours deciding what to add to your wish list...What is your MUST HAVE item fron the catalogue..what are you ordering 1st

My wish list is approx 200 pages long - oh wait thats the whole catalogue!!!!

As a demonstrator I am finding it incredibly hard to decide what I WANT and what I NEED
Dont worry if you have difficulty doing the same...over the next couple weeks I will be announcing some shares from the NEW catalogue which will help you all to budget for the things you NEED a little more


You could spread the cost and join my stampers group for a minimum monthly cost (£15.00 plus p&p) you get free catalogues and  £25.00hostess benifit 1 month out of the groups duration....Keep a look out for a post detailing more tomorrow (or contact me NOW)

Keep a look out for another post later today on how YOU can become a Stampin Up Demonstrator and benifit gloriously by doing so.

If you would like a hard copy of the fantastic and beautiful new catalogue, or a copy of the autumn/winter catalogue (link also to the right), or if you want info on the stampers group/becoming a demonstrator..or you have an order to place please contact me NOW

Thanks for popping by and I look forward to seeing you again soon xxxx