Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Sorry for the absence.......

It been a while since I last blogged and im sorry for that.  

Some of you may know but for those that dont I have been dealing with a huge tragedy in my life, my yonger brother was hit by a car in early November and after being in a coma and fighting for 5 days he sadly passed away on 13th Nov 2012.  I have been left devestated by this and am still trying to figure out why this happened to us and more importantly why him.

The support we have received as a family has been overwhelming and the love that has been shown for him is a testement to the type of person he was.

I am slowly trying to get back to routine especially with my crafting as I need a release and hope that you will all bare with me during what is the worst moments of my life...I should never have had to say goodnight to my little brother and it is heart renching

I will be posting quite a bit over the next week as loads of samples and a couple of exciting Stampin Up bits to share with you all

I shall leave you now but keep eyes open for upcoming posts and info

22nd SEPTEMBER 1983 - 13th NOVEMBER 2012