Saturday, 21 April 2012

Workshop using Circle Circus

So last night was my very first Stampin Up workshop.
I made up a card and a milk carton using Circle Circus and demonstrated it to a small group of friends some card makers some complete novices. The night for me was a great success and from the feedback I have received everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.
I did my best to sell sell sell the products and set up a sample area where I displayed samples of all cards made using Stampin up, I even created a document sowing samples made by others using Circle circus, these samples didnt just show cardmaking but also scrapbooking and other crafts - there was even a decorated candle (these were taken from google images)

I took a few photos-

At the end of the night once the orders were placed talk went onto the next workshop and what we can do watch this space for more workshops from me.

here is a pic of what my friends spent the night making....ladies they all looked fabulous and I thank you all for coming x