Wednesday, 20 November 2013

1 more sleep :)

until convention :)

Im so excited I can hardly sit still which is causing lots of problems as I still have loads to do :)

I am currently working my way through a huge to do list and I thought I will stop for lunch and do a quick post for you all

I have finished my swaps they are all boxed up and ready to go 

hehe you still cant see them yet :)
I promise I will share when I get back 

Until then I wanted to share this with you all


So its nearly christmas and people no doubt have been asking you over and over 'what shall I get you for christmas?'
I can help with this :)
All you need to do is update your wish list and give a copy to everyone who asks (and me)
along with my contact details
they then contact me advising of their budget and I do the rest
I will choose items from your list and even wrap it for them

The latest date for orders to be received by is Wednesday 11th December
so what are you waiting for - I look forward to hearing from you all

Pop back tomorrow for more Convention Sneak Peaks 

Happy Crafting :)