Thursday, 5 December 2013

Happy Mail :)

Hi everyone

I received this email today from a customer and it has brightened up my day :)

Hi Jamie
I received my order this morning and wanted to thank you for your fantastic customer service and the way you handled my query.
I am new to Stampin Up and came across you online via your blog posts on facebook.
The Stampin' Up products look fantastic and although I haven't had the time to play with my recent purchase I cant wait to order more.
I have mobility issues and do alot of my craft shopping online - some retailers are like a machine dealing with customers in a conveyor belt fashion however you were extremely friendly and didn't hound me into making any decisions, you gave me helpful advice and honest opinions on products, I asked lots of questions and you didn't seem to be in a hurry - just happy to help
Thank you again and I will be in touch soon with another order

I was having a bad morning and then I read this :)

Kerri I am happy to help and hope you enjoy playing with your new products

Sometimes its the little things that make all the difference

Thanks for popping by