Monday, 10 February 2014

MDS Monday

Happy Monday everyone

What a horrible weekend I have had

May daughter hasn't been very well so we spent Saturday indoors then yesterday we were kept in by the horrendous weather we are experiencing.
A friend of min posted a picture yesterday of his back garden and it resembled a river :(
Surely there has to be some let up sometime
if you are someone who has been effected like this then my heart goes out to you and I hope there is an end to it soon

One upside to the weather has meant time for crafting :)

I have been busy planning some classes and decided MDS was a good a place as any to make my poster :)

The more I play with MDS the easier I am finding it to use - having not used digital crafting software before it took me completely out of my comfort zone
It is proving a very useful tool to have 
Have you tried it yet???

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