Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Teachers Gifts

Well my kids finished school last week and are nearly 1 week into the mammoth summer holidays
Im sure they never lasted this long when I was at school??

My son is moving into Y2 when he returns in September 
which means he leaves the teacher he has had for the last 2 years

This is quite sad as she has done a fantastic job helping him become the young man he is turning into

I wanted to give her something she could keep

so after browsing through google and Pintrest
(my 2 favorite places for inspiration)
I decided on these 2 gifts

I even got him to write he a little latter and attached it with a photo of him to the back

She got very chocked up and said she would be placing them on her desk/wall

I know they aren't Stampin up products but I thought you might like to see them

Thanks for popping by