Monday, 29 July 2013

MDS Monday


so its monday again (a little late on monday but its still monday)

My days are a little turned around this week as Im not at work so I will get some much needed craft time hence me posting later

So its time for some MDS Magic

Once you have purchased this magnificent tool you will notice that not only can you create your own projects from scratch but for novices like me they give you some pre designed projects that you can add to

I have taken one of these pre designed templates today and simply added a photo
(thats how easy it can be)

This is the first time I've been able to scrap this picture of me and my brother who very suddenly and sadly was taken from us late last year so its still very raw and emotional to look at pictures of him.  This is one of the only 'adult' pictures of us together so it means so much to me

I haven't added anything to the template apart from the photo
so you can see how gorgeous your projects can be without much work

We are still waiting for a release date on MDS so I will keep teasing you with MDS Mondays as it will help me develop from a novice to an amateur (fingers crossed)

Pop back next week for some more MDS samples